Wednesday, March 14, 2012

....TrAfFiC LiGhT.....

“Love is like a traffic light there are three colors which becomes a guide for us to know when to stop, to let go and to take action”

STOP (red light)
“Loving someone so much doesn’t mean they’re the right one for us”
Hindi laging may happy ending kapag nagmahal ka, because true love never ends.
May mga pagkakataong mararamdaman mo ang sakit na dulot ng pagmamahal mo.
Masakit isiping may mga taong hindi kayang magpahalaga sa mga taong nagmahal sa kanila.
Sabi nga….
“Its better to accept the fact that you are not appreciated than to insist yourself to someone who never really see your worth.”
Habang patuloy mong minamahal ang taong yun mas lalo kang masasaktan
Dahil… Natatakot kang tanggapin ang maaari pang mangyari.
na ang taong buong puso mong minahal ay bulag sa pagmamahal mo.
Hindi dahil mahal mo ang taong yon, sya na talaga ang para sayo.
Natatakot kang mawala ang taong pinakamamahal mo.
Pero siya ba takot ding mawala ka.?

LETTING GO (green light)
Letting go doesn’t mean giving up,
But rather accepting that there are things that cannot be.
May mga bagay sa mundong ito na hindi nakatakda para sa atin.
Maaring ang mga bagay na ninanais natin na maging sa atin sana, ay iyon pa ang hindi kailanman magiging atin.
Kailangan mong matutong magparaya “let go” upang maka move on at maka get over tayo sa sakit ng ating nakaraan.
Loving someone is letting them free, letting them go…
Oo.. Para sa katulad mong nagmahal.
Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away
And going away means forgetting…
To let go its not to deny but to accept that the hardest thing to do is letting go..
Not because you want to, but because you have to.
May mga taong darating sa buhay natin na siyang muling magbabangon sa atin sa kabila ng pait ng nakalipas.
Huwag nating isarado ang ating puso…
Sa tayoy nagparaya….
O nasaktan.
Kundi may taong handang pumasok muli….

TAKE ACTION (yellow light)
While someone breaks your heart, another someone else is waiting to fix it.
Proceed with caution..
“Careful forethought to avoid danger or harm”
Natatakot tayong masaktan…
Natatakot tayong harapin ang pwedeng mangyari….
Natatakot tayong magmahal muli….
Kaya nga nauso ang salitang “courage”
Yon ang kailangan natin to “take action”
Kung ang traffic light ay may yellow light para sa caution sign,
Sa love ganun din kung alam nating masasaktan lang tayo at di maaaring pumapel…
Huwag na nating pahirapan ng husto ang ating sarili…
Kumbaga sa elevator, Kung alam na nating siksikan na.
Huwag na tayong magsumiksik pa.
May hagdan naman ayaw lang nating pansinin…

Let go
Take Action
Traffic Light

By: Kabiguan Ni Papet

Thursday, July 7, 2011

.....A mOnThLy PrOjEcT.....

“Lakas ng trip”
Les Caraibes Resort
Laiya San Juan Batangas
TM’s Chill Out

It’s Sunday morning on the 3rd of July, since its Holiday in the USA the selling team of our company is scheduled for acquaintance party or just to unwind. But in call center industry we used to call it as a team building. After stressful work every night most of the call center company gave their employee a time to let everything go or to relax. I am not supposed to join on this outing because it’s a party involving telemarketer group only. I am thankful because even I am not part of their team; I was able to join them in view of the fact that I was invited by their Supervisor Ma’am Irene! After 11 in the morning we left Makati going to Batangas. We reach the residence of Ma’am Irene around 1 in the afternoon. The place is so titanic which is idyllic for large numbers of people to stay. They plan to stay their in single nighttime and we enjoy the rest of the time in the place we stay. I feel glad being surrounded by humorous people, with the luscious food, the mixed of strong drinks and a lot of things to enjoy. I woke up at around five in the morning and prepare myself going to Les Caraibes Beach Resort in Laiya San Juan Batanggas. It’s a very time-consuming travel. As a matter of fact Nakatulog nga ako sa biyahe! We reach the resort after two hours of journey. Les Caraibes Resort is the best place for hilarity or to calm down! My office mate says that it’s a white sand beach but for me it’s a brunette sand shore. Les Caraibes is a French word, it means The Caribbean as what I have heard in the place the resort owner is French. While Batangas, In 1581, the Spanish government abolished the Province of Bonbon and created a new province that came to be known as the Province of Balayan. After a volcanic eruption buried Taal in 1754, Batangas City--so named after "batangs," the logs found in the Calumpang River--became the new capital, with the province adopting its name. And San Juan has a majestic coastline with several beach resorts to visit for swimming, diving and other outdoor activities. This is the best thing on my monthly project I was able to search for the meaning and facts of the places I visit. Parang lakbay aral na rin! Di ba Educational din aside from extravagance. But the trickiest part of this trip is on my journey going back to Manila alone! Again its challenging since I need to go back to Manila before my log in time on work. I went to San Juan town of Batanggas from Laiya and look for a transport going to Manila. When I was in the town of San Juan, I find out that there is no transportation from their going to Manila. Someone advised me to take a ride going to Lipa Batangas, and from that place I can look for a bus going to Manila. It’s another two hours trip going to Lipa. I was able to pass two towns from San Juan, the town of Rosario and town of Padre Garcia. And for the second time on this project Jam Liner is present again! I take a ride in Jam liner bus and just like before I don’t have any problem on my trip with them. I reach home before 5 in the afternoon. Advertising lang po, try Jam Liner bus on your next trip it’s pleasant and convenient! To Ma’am Irene and to all the TM Department, Thank you for bringing me on your jaunt! I enjoy the place, the travel, the food and the people!

.....A mOnThLy PrOjEcT.....

“Wala lang trip trip lang”

Picnic Grove

Tagaytay, Cavite

Bon and Pet tripping

“Tagay Tay”! Its sounds like you are inviting your father to drink a glass of Tanduay. Tagaytay is located in the province of Cavite. The place is 55 kilometers away from Manila passing through the Aguinaldo high way.

Originally the place I want to visit for this month is Bagiuo City, but worst the “Bagyo Falcon” was the first one to visit me here in Manila. So I decided to search for the place which is nearer compare to Bagiuo. Finally, I have a strong-willed to visit Tagaytay in Cavite. I called my cousin Bon to go with me on my target place. He agreed to join me on my trip going to Picnic Grove. Its exciting because we both not familiar with the place and it’s our first time to visit the place. We are determined to visit the place on the 25th of June. But the typhoon Falcon is more determined to flood the Metro Manila on that day. And that is enough reason to cancel our trip since it’s so hazardous to travel that day. When I woke up the next day! It’s a beautiful Sunday morning! Falcon is away! I called my cousin and informed him that where going to go on with our trip.

On the backside of Sogo hotel near the Taft Avenue Station of MRT, we found the Bus Station going to Tagaytay. We pay for our fare amounting 78.00 Pesos each and ask the bus attendant to drop us on the town of Olivares Tagytay. After almost two hours we reach the town of Olivares. We look for a tricycle to carry us going to Picnic Grove. Picnic Grove is the most popular place to visit in Tagytay since the resort goes with the breathtaking zip line. The place is just few minutes away from the town of Olivares. When we get there we pay for a very economical 50.00 Pesos entrance fee. After that we ramble around the place. There are a lot of people on that day since its Sunday. I enjoy the view of Taal Lake and of course the Taal Volcano. Our lunch is easy on the pocket and perfect when it comes to taste! After three to four hours of staying in Picnic Grove we decided to leave the place since its getting behind schedule. The Colettes Buko pie is the best among all the delicacies I found in Tagaytay. You should try it when you get there.

When I arrived home, I search for the History of Tagaytay. Trough Media and research I find out that the place named Tagaytay came from the word “Taga” meaning to cut and “itay” meaning father. It’s a story of father and son, and sad to say I don’t know what’s the story about. All I know is that the son keeps on shouting or asking his father to cut or let say to “taga” the monster or whatever creatures attack them. He keeps on shouting the word “taga Itay” “taga Itay”. Until communities of that place heard him (the son) shouting the word “Tagaitay”. And as a final point they called the place Tagaytay. That’s it! Correction on story will be accepted.

.....A mOnThLy PrOjEcT.....

“Akoy lakwatsero”

Victoria Parish Church
Victoria Calapan Mindoro Oriental
Bonbon’s wedding

Finally, before turning my age to thirty I reach the island of Mindoro! I got an invitation from my cousin to attend his wedding. I travel miles away from Manila, ride in a different kinds of hauling, dealing with different people and I got the chance to gain new friends on my way going to Mindoro. I don’t even think that sometimes in my life I will reach the Island of Mindoro. Traveling alone on the place that I am not familiar is a huge challenge for me. 6th of May at around one in the morning I decided to leave the house. My foot brings me to Jam liner a bus company station going to Lipa Batanggas Pier. I travel almost two hours going to the quay in Batanggas. Then I am in hurry purchasing a ticket for a ferry boat that will depart at five in the morning. On the ferry boat going to Calapan City Mindoro, I got the chance to gain new friends. I get pleasure from the scenic views of the islands I passed by. The gorgeous island of Isla Verde with lots of beautiful resort got my attention. As I noticed there are communities who leaves in the island, I am wondering how they like living on that island. But I know it’s a peaceful place to leave but how can I survive life without Malls, without internet connections. Walang Facebook, Walang Youtube at walang Yahoo na magpagtatanungan ng mga katanungan. Funny! I passed the Island of Baco Medio as well, its smaller compare to Isla Verde and I am not sure if there’s a community who stays on that area. After two hours of enjoying the fresh and gentle wind on the sea. I reach the Calapan Pier few minutes before seven in the morning. I look for the shuttle who can take me to the town of Victoria. On my way going to my specific destination I see a lot of captivating spot in the town of Naujan and Bauan. Its seven forty five in the morning when I reach the town of my cousin’s bride the peaceful town of Victoria in Mindoro. In front of Victoria market place I deal with the “traysekel” drivers to bring me to Brgy. Malabo. Baranggay Malabo, Para sa akin hindi malabong marating ko ang lugar na ito! I reach my cousin’s bride residence in fifteen minutes. I enjoy their place, traditions, cultures and a very pleasant people. The night before the wedding is the most interesting part. There’s the unlimited food and a disco with the beautiful ladies of their village. The picture on the top is captured before the wedding ceremony outside the parish church of Victoria. Anyway, Thanks for the invitation and I wish a happy and peaceful married life to Bonbon and Rochelle! Congraaaaaaatulations!

Thursday, July 29, 2010 11...

DAY 11
10:52 Morning
Baclaran Fruit Stand
Paranaque, Manila

I woke up late in the morning and I buy an orange fruit on the Baclaran fruit stand given that I feel a little pain on my lungs. I decided to bring my camera since I don’t have enough time later to look for for my eleventh Day presentation on my 365 project. I can’t take out my camera on my little pocket because of the rain. When I reach the fruit stand, after choosing for the fresh orange fruit I’m going to buy I take out my cam and capture the fresh and beautiful arrangement of the fruits. I got only one picture for today so I don’t have any choice for what to present on my eleventh day. I just need to edit the picture magnificently in Picasa so that I can present this on my eleventh day 365 project. I can say sickness is not enough reason to quit my 365 project.

...10th day.....

DAY 10
9:44 Morning
Santa Rita of Casia Parish Church
Paranaque, Manila

I am sick today and I have nothing on my mind to post on my 365 project day 10. When I woke up in the morning, I decided to take my breakfast in the nearest Mc Donald’s to our apartment. And that is the Mc Donald’s in airport road. I am eager to present something on my project today I can’t take not to share a picture for my day 10. I still want to follow the rules of my 365 project fresh pictures or Pictures taken on the exact day. I prepare myself going to Mc Donald and bringing the most important thing on my project “my camera”! After my breakfast, I’m on my way home and I’m upset coz I’m still sick and I can’t roam around to look for my Day 10 presentation since its raining. On my way home, I passed by the old Sta. Rita Church in Bacalaran and I decided to get in the church. I offer a little prayer and after that I feel like I really need to take rest coz I really feel sick. I stand up on my kneeling position and I noticed my Cam. Then I got the Idea that I’m going to present for my Day ten is the Sta. Rita Church altar. And I got this one. I know this is not so perfect but the best thing is I have something to present today on my 365 project.

.....9th day.....

7:17 Morning
The Ninoy Statue
Makati, Manila

I am thinking which place in Makati I’m going to present on my Day nine. Before going home I stroll around in Ayala Avenue. Lots of beautiful spot I capture and perfect to present on my Day nine. There’s the elegant front view of Peninsula Hotel, The stylish building of Shangri-La Hotel, The tidy street of Paseo De Roxas, The wonderful place of Ayala Triangle Plaza and a lot of beautiful place in Ayala Makati. I don’t have plans of including the Historical Ninoy Statue in Paseo De Roxas because my plan for this sculpture is to present on Sunday not on weekdays. But among the pictures I got this one is perfect. So I don’t have the choice the statue cant wait on Sunday. The statue of Ninoy for my 365 project Day nine, presented this Friday.

.....8th Day....

Day 8
10:15 Morning
Shrine of Jesus Mall of Asia
Pasay, Manila

I am supposed to take my day 8 in Philippine International Convention Center. But Last night I have a guest her name is ensomia and she left home almost five in the morning. And she is the reason why I woke up late. It’s nine in the morning and I decicded to take a bath prepare my cam and ramble around Pasay. I tried to capture beautiful spots in Baclaran Church, Some of the flower shop beside the church, even the Mosque of Muslim across the Baclaran church. And while I’m roaming around, I’m checking for the pictures I got and no one satisfied me. I decided to proceed in Mall of Asia because I remember the Church near to the Mall. I don’t even know the church name. I decided to walk going to the Mall so that I have chance of capturing other on my way going to the Mall. Finally I arrive at the Church and I find out that it’s the Shrine of Jesus Church. I take a lot of pictures of the church and this is the best one to preset today. I’m not sure when I’m going to PICC for this project. Some other time…

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

......SeVeNtH dAy......

8:43 Morning
Coastal Road
Pasay, Manila

...It’s my night off meaning no obligations or no commitments tonight! I am in hurry going home after my shift, because my destination plan for Day 7 is the Philippine International Convention Center. Last night I informed Vince that I’ll be dedicating my 365 project Day 7 to Antie Blandie, since it’s her birthday today. Vince told me that I need to check the Philippine International Convention Center coz according to him I can capture lots of beautiful places in around the place. While on the bus, I decided to take a picture of the attractive clouds. Until I capture almost twenty pictures of beautiful different views of the clouds. I decided not to go on with my plans in PICC since I already got one on my cam “the clouds”. I dedicate my 365 project Day 7 to my Antie Blandie who used to play with me when I was young. It’s her Birthday today! Happy Happy Birthday! Anyway since it’s my night off later, I’ll be in Philippine International Convention Center tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

.....dAy SiX.....

7:28 Morning
Washington Sycip Park
Makati, Manila

It’s Memorial Day in the United States, I am thinking for the best place where I can get my day six picture. I ask some of my officemate for the nearest park where I can capture my Day six project. All of them suggest that the nearest park is the park beside Washington Sycip Park (where I got my day 5 picture). I keep on asking for the name of the park but no one can identify it. Wow! I’ve been working here in Makati for almost two years and I never know that there’s a lot of Parks and beautiful places near to our office. I’m glad to say that because of my 365 project I was able to visit this place. On my day six project I visit the park beside the Washington Sycip Park, and I find out that the parks name is Legazpi Active Park. I never waste my time; I take out my cam and start taking pictures of the place. The Legazpi Active Park is smaller than Washington Sycip Park. I decided to go home and when I passed by in the Washington Sycip Park, I am attracted with the parks gate it’s different to other gates I’ve seen. I take out my cam again and capture the gate of Washington Sycip Park. When I’m home, I start choosing for the best picture I got. And of all the pictures the best one I pick is still from Washington Sycip Park the gate! Better luck next time Legazpi Active Park! Probably tomorrow!

Monday, May 31, 2010

.....FiFtH dAy....

DAy 5
8:25 Morning
Washington Sycip Park
Makati, Manila
Since last night I don’t still have plans for my day 5 picture and on my one hour break I decided to ramble around Makati. 2:00 in the morning or past midnight, just the places near to our office, I just noticed one park in Legaspi Street. It looks like there’s something inside that it will help me on my day 5 for my 365 project. But by that time the park was closed. It just increased my excitement to see what’s inside the park that time. After my shift at 8 o’clock in the morning I went back to the park and it’s readily available, I’ve seen a lot of beautiful views inside the park. And I enjoy taking pictures of the places, as a matter of fact I have hard time to choose which one I’m going to present for my day 5. But then I pick this one for a change. Probably I might go back to the same place tomorrow since there’s a lot of best spot on that park, which I can share with you. Tomorrow again! Be updated!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

......365 DaY 4.......

Day 4
7:28 Morning
Greenbelt Mall

Makati, Manila

Wow! As what I have promised yesterday, I’ll be in Greenbelt for my 365 project Day 4. So after my shift I go directly to Greenbelt for a very short picture taking of places. I roam around the place and I keep on taking pictures of beautiful surroundings that I’ve seen. It’s too early that time so there where nobody, nobody but guards! I don’t have the chance to check all the Pictures that I’ve got since I’m in hurry going home. I just check all the Pictures at home and search for the best one to present for today. And I got this one! No plans for tomorrow yet for my day 5.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

.....DaY 3 oF 365 pRoJeCt......

Day 3
7:45 Morning
Ayala Triangle
Makati, Manila

After my shift I decided to walk around the Ayala triangle, and seeking for the best spot or beauty of nature that I can present on my 365 project day 3. For every picture I take, I don’t find it attractive or it’s not the best one for my third day. I found the best view when I accidentally look up above. Two of the tallest building in Makati the Philam building located in Paseo de Roxas and Ayala Triangle building across the Philam. It looks perfect! The two building looks like measured in heights. Just one click and there you go I have something to present on my Day 3. Even Im mad I still got the chance to look for the best view I can present on my 365 project!

.....BaDtRiP mOdE.....

After nine hours of working from night to day time. Supposed to be I can perfectly say that my first day of work after my two days off was perfect. No so much irritating calls from stupid clients, No so much work order and best of all I am exempted in taking calls coz I need to prioritized listening to the calls of Telemarketer who convinced client to try our company service. I need to learn more about telemarketing because from Customer service representative Ill be lending two hours in calling some of the clients for winback program. I am very happy on my nine hours in the office! But heres the bullshit thing.... After my shift I spend time with the TM's who takes their breakfast. We are all laughing because we shares our crazy ideas and stupid stories when one of the CSR punch out and ask me something about work in a very idiot mode, I know I done something wrong, I dont deserved to be embarrassed in front of my friends. Tao lang ako nagkakamali din! Sabi nga ni Ryan Seacrest, 'That's why pencils have erasers so that when an error is committed, correction can be made.' Pasensiya na po kayo hindi ako perpektong tao." this CSR girl is in abnormal mode and uneducated mode! Just picture out this situation "everybody is laughing and someone divert the happy mode in embarrassing mode! Try to put yourself on my shoes, dont you get mad? dont you feel upset? Dont you think she is stupid? Or you might say she just want some attention? Enough of english! My friend told me on my birthday that she admires my blog because I dont state any offensive word even I'm mad. To Anne Thank you for the compliment! but sorry to disapoint you... I want to say, Putang ina niya! sinu siya para ipahiya ako!? Di ba siya nagkakamali!? akala mo naman wala siyang nagawang mali! tang ina! puro naman palpak! putang ina nya! kulang sya sa pansin sobrang pasikat! Punyeta! dickhead!

Friday, May 28, 2010

.......365 DaY tWo......

Day 2
6:12 Morning
Mall of Asia

Today is the second day of my 365 project, Early in the morning I went to Mall of Asia again. Why Mall of Asia? Because this is the nearest place and can provide me the beauty of nature. While I go around, I keep on taking pictures to some places and hoping that I can capture one of the best. When I’m home I start looking for the pictures I got. And this one has a huge impact to me. Presenting my 365 project day 2!
Tinatamad na akong mag bago ng caption nito!
copy ko na lang sa FB ko ang caption story.
Kailangan ko munang matulog may pasok pa ako mamya!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

......My 365 PrOjEcT sTaRtS tOdAy.....

5:23 Morning
Mall of Asia
27th of May 2010, today is my birthday! And today is the first day of my 365 project. And the picture above is my first day project! I wake up early in the morning, prepare my things and proceed to Mall of Asia for me to able to witness the early sun raise! But unfortunately! no sunshine in MOA! No sun raise! Im upset on my birth day! I decided to go around and take some picture to places I like, And there you go! I got one! watch out for the next days pictures on my 365 project! now showing on facebook and my blog!

....My BiRtHdAy.....

Its my birthday today! hmmm...
ok lang naman, parang wala lang.
parang ordinary days lang!
yun nga lang masaya kasi two days off ako!
probably later tonight more updates about my birthday.
but for now its too early its 4:12 in the morning!
here I am fronting my PC and learning photoshop!
I need to go to MOA before 5 in the morning
I need to be there before the sun shine!
I'm doing this for the success of my 365 project!
HaPpY BiRthDaY tO mE!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

…..cAnDiEs LoTs Of CaNdY….

I don’t have hard time in quitting cigarettes,
coz I have lots of candies on my office terminal.
It helps me a lot!
No more stories about my candies.
I just want to say that I have lots of candies on my station in the office
and it’s not for everybody,
Its for me only!
He he he he he!
Sabihin nyo ng swapang ako hindi talaga ako mamimigay!
kahit sandamakmak na candy ang nasa mesa ko!
Ang mamahal kasi ng candies na nabili ko!
At pag mapilit kayo bibigyan ko kayo ng clorets!

….gEtTiNg MaRriEd….

My friends, relatives and most specially my Tatay! My very own tatay! They have a very demanding request to me! This is annoying! They want me to get married at the age of twenty nine. What a fuck! How can I get married? I can’t even find a serious girlfriend or even just a girlfriend! I’m not sure if they are trying to make me laugh by their joke or they just really want me to marry someone coz I’m not getting younger anymore. Yes! You read it correctly! I’m not getting younger anymore! I’m turning twenty nine this coming Thursday 27th of May. Haaaay! Im getting older! I finally realized that its really annoying when someone ask you when your getting married and worst you don’t even have a girlfriend to tie the knot with you. Its very offensive, disgusting, insulting and nasty question for a person like me who hates love life! I never got a serious love life after MELISSA. Why I can’t move on until now!!? This is bullshit! Yeah I admit I can’t move on and worst I don’t even have news about her right now! I don’t even know where she is! I don’t even know if she is married to someone else! Ohhh! Why we talk about her? Erase! Erase! Erase! Ahhright! This would be all for now! I just feel unpleasant with the question ask to me yesterday night before going to work.

….tWeLvE dAyS…..

Wow! I can say that I am a chain smoker and I can’t leave my life without cigarettes. I consider Marlboro lights as part of my life. It’s my oxygen in sense that I breathe awkwardly without smoking in six hours. I can’t take not to smoke in six hours of my life. I feel like I’m vanishing if I won’t smoke in a day. And just this 12th of May I decided to quit smoking. I will stand with my both feet on the ground for this mission to quit smoking. It’s very hard to give up the daily routine that completes your life. Its sounds like quitting the most important relaxation of your life. And since I engaged myself in smoking I never, ever think in my entire life that I can quit smoking. It’s been twelve days after footing in my decision to quit my Marlboro lights life. Wow! As in wow! Twelve days is not easy without cigarettes lots of temptation but thank God, I have lots of candies on my bag and near to my laptop. It really helps me to pursue my mission. I only have one reason that I need to give up smoking. I always missed to attend my Sunday obligation and I am offering this sacrifice to him.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

.....ToP iSsUe Sa PiNaS....

Willie Revillame
Naintindihan ko si Willlie sa pagtatanggol nya sa mga guest ng Wowowee, Hindi naman tama talaga ang ginagawa ni Mr. Sucaldito na tirahin nito ang kapamilya nya. Pero may malaking pagkakamali talagang nasabi si Willie na nagpapatunay lang na mayabang talaga sya. Hindi nya dapat hinamun ang ABS management sa ere! Isang pagmamayabang talaga ang ginawa nya at sobra sobra na itong power tripping! dapat na talagang mawala siya sa Wowowee! Loyalista ako ng ABS, dati lagi akong nanunuod ng Wowowee pero nang marami ng lumalabas na kayabangan si Willie nawalan na ako ng gana manuod at mas gusto ko pang mag internet kaysa manuod sa show nya. Sa totoo lang namamayagpag na ngayon ang rating ng wowowee simula ng si robin ang nag host. Base from the ratings of TNS and AGB Nielsen. Sana wag na nga siyang bumalik sa dos gumawa na lang siya ng sarili nyang istasyon!

Marian Rivera
Isa daw siyang psychology??? anu daw??? tama ba yun??? Di ba dapat Psychologist??? Bat ganun sinabi nya? Natural lang naman na nagkakamali ang tao pero artista siya di ba? dapat ayusin nya ang mga ginagamit nyang terms. Pag nurse ka at tinanong ka kung anu trabaho mo sasabihin mo bang Nursing ako? ganun din ba pag engineer ka? engineering ako? Mali kasi yung pagkakasabi nya.Okay lang sana kung sinabi niya na "Isa po akong Psychology GRADUATE." or "Psychology po ang tinapos ko." Kaya lang mali talaga yung usage niya ng words. Kahit sino matatawa pag narinig yung ganung pagkakasabi niya.

Jejomar Binay
Ang statement ni Binay na "pag ako natalo ay siguradong dinaya ako". Parang atat na atat na yata siyang maupo bilang bise at masyado siyang depensive. Let the all votes be counted first. Di ba? Di ka pa sigurado kung mananalo ka tapos yan na ang sinasabi nya. Ang mga statement ni Mayor Binay ay di bagay para sa isang lider ng bansa. Dapat walang nang patutsadahan kung gusto nya talaga ng pagbabago. Ang panget kasi talagang pakinggan ang sinabi nya na pag natalo ako tiyak dinaya ako! its not the exact word but its the point of his sentence.

Ito na ang teleserye ng ABSCBN na pinaka aabangan ngayon. Pagsasama samahin ang mga dekalidad na artista ng ABSCBN at tinitiyak na dos na malulugmok nanaman ang katapat na serye ng Magkaribal. Ibang iba ang kwento at tiyak na mapapanuod din ito sa ibang bansa tulad ng achievements ng PAngako Sayo nina eulah at jean. Kakaiba ang teaser! tiyak pagsisihan ni Claudine ang pag tanggi sa seryeng ito.

Heres come the bride
Grabe nakakabaliw tong pelikulang to! you should watch this! Sa dami ng problema ng ating bansa at sa sobra ng init ng panahon, kaylangan talaga natin ang mga pelikulang tulad nito! pang patranggal ng stress at problema! para kahit dalawang oras lang na panuod nito atlist nakalimutan mo ang problema mo! try it guys!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Money Remittance is one way of sending our love ones the money that they need. And in the United States there’s a lot of company who offers Money remittance. Some of them go with lower rates and promotional services. But now a day, Filipino’s are looking for the company where they are comfortable and providing most convenient services. With FILAM we expand our services from Telephone communications to remittance services. We upgrade our services in our remittance in partnership with Philippine National Bank, The most reliable company when it comes to money matters. Now we offer our online remittance for the expediency of our clients. Right now they can forward money to their friends, relatives and families in the Philippines anytime or on their most convenient time. We are introducing the PNB Express Remit the fastest services and the most convenient way of sending cash to our love ones. And it goes with very accommodating customer representatives who can assist you with your concern 24 hours a day and seven days a week!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

......ShOwBiZ iNdUsTrY......

Robin and Willie
(simula ng kaastigan at katapusan ng kayabangan)

Dahil sa power tripping ni Willie, Nabigyan ng pagkakataon na makapag host ng Wowowee si Binoy. Matatandaan na hinamon ni Revillame ang ABSCBN management na palayasin si Joebert Sucaldito sa istasyon dahil sa tinutuligsa nito ang show ni Willie. At sinabi nya na kapag hindi pinalayas ng dos si Sucaldito ay siya ang mag reresign. After the controversial statement of Willie di na siya muling bumalik sa wowowee kaya pansamantalang si Robin Padilla ang naging host nito at biglang namayagpag sa ere ang rating ng wowowee! Parang mas gusto ng madlang pipol si Robin na makasama sa tanghalian kaysa kay Willie.
Showbiz joins 2010 Election
(showbiz and politics are one)
Mga artistang wagi sa eleksyon sa Senatorial namayagpag sina Bong Revilla, Tito Sotto at Lito Lapid. Sa Governatorial naman ang nag iisang star of all season Vilma Santos. Sa Congressional race naman di patatalo sina Manny Paquiao, Lucy Torres, Dan Fernandez at Lani Mercado. Syempre si Isko Moreno sa Vice Mayor, Akalain mong maging Board Member tong si Teri Aunor, Gary Estrada at Boyet Deleon. Namayagpag naman sa councilors sina Yul Servo, Alfred Vargas, Roderick Paulate, Alma Moreno, Roselle Nava at Marjorie Baretto. Pag walang Career sa TV pumasok sa politika!
Claudine Baretto VS. Frenchie Dy
(MMK defeats again the self titled show of Claudine)
Ang self titled show ng optimum star na si Claudine last May 15 ay pinag isipan at pinaghandaan ng GMA7 dahil ilang beses na rin itong sumemplang sa katapat na long running drama anthology ng ABSCBN ang Maalaala mo Kaya. Pinagsama-sama na ng GMA7 ang mga talents nila para mag guest sa show ni Claudine ika nga todo na to! Sa MMK naman inulit ang isang episode na pinagbidahan ni Frenchie Dy at Janus Del Prado isang recycle episode! Totoong kwento ng contestants sa wowowee! at resulta ng ratings sa AGB Nielsen Claudine (GMA-7) 15.4% Vs. Maalaala Mo Kaya (ABS-CBN) 20.8%! Panibagong sampal sa Optimum star! At tuloy tuloy lang ang pag lugmok ng kanyang show.
(May pataas ng pataas at May pababa ng pababa)
Sa ratings bagsak na ang GMA7 pati ba naman sa stock exchange? Saan na lang sila nangunguna? Akala ko ba sila ang number one? bat parang masyadong malinaw tong nakikita ko sa picture at kahit grade one na bata ay maiintindihan to. Sige nga GMA7 sabihin nyo ngang number one kayo? na itong picture na ito ang backround....
ASAP ng ABSCBN and Party Pilipinas ng GMA
(Lugmok to the maxx sa ratings ang PArty ng pinas)
Dahil nagiging habit na ang pagkatalo ng Party Pilipinas sa TV ratings laban sa kompetensiya nito on ABS-CBN ang ASAP XV, hindi na nila pinag iisipan ang kanilang gagawin sa show. As what I have observed bahala na system ang pinapairal ng kapuso network! ok lang na panget ok lang na maganda wala naman kasing nanunuod! Expected na ng lahat na matatalo talaga ng ASAP ang Sunday musical variety show ng GMA-7. Anuman ang ginawa at gagawin ng Kapuso network, mukhang hindi talaga matitinag ang pagiging numero uno ng Kapamilya network show tuwing Linggo. Hay, pinag-expect kasi ng GMA-7 na matatalo nila ang kalaban.
Kris Aquino Vs. Cristy Fermin
(anung pinagdadaanan ni Cristy Fermin?)
Bakit sobra sobra ang galit ni cristy Fermin kay kris Aquino? Ano nga ba ang pinagdadaanan ng kilalang kolumnista? Sa TV5 sa show na Paparazi na interview si Willie Revillame at si Cristy Fermin mismo ang dumayo sa bahay nila para sa nasabing interview. At sa katapusan ng interview na pag usapan nila si Kris Aquino at halata sa mga binibitawang salita ni Fermin na talagang may galit siya kay Kris. At kung anu man yun? Wala na tayong pakialam doon since di naman interesting ang taong nakikipag away sa Queen of all Media!
Vice Ganda
(Ultimate star na! Biglang sikat)

Before the concert of Vice Ganda I received a call from a client which is very familiar ang pangalan niya sa akin. Ang nanay ni Vice Ganda tumawag at ako ang nakasagot pinapayos niya ang linya ng phone line nya dahil concert na ni Vice Ganda and I got the chance to talk to her Ate Emma. Akalain mo yon nakausap ko ang dalawang importanteng tao sa buhay ni Vice Ganda! At syempre after the concert laman ng dyaryo at pahayagan ang nasabing concert ni Vice dahil napuno niya ang Araneta! Ang galing ni Vice Ganda!
Eula, Jean, Jolens, Heart and Angel
(Palpak na pag lipat)
Ang mga artistang ito ay pinasikat ng dos sa ibat ibang karakter. Kinilala ang kanilang mga teleserye sa Pilipinas at kahit sa ibang bansa. Ngunit, Subalit, Datapwat nang mag desisyon silang lumipat ng GMA7 parang nag desisyon na rin silang ilugmok ang kanilang karera bilang artista. Jean at Eula halos di nawawalan ng proyekto sa GMA pero ni isang karakter sa teleserye ay di nakilala. Jolina, Heart at Angelica sabay sabay ding na lugmok ang karera! simula ng lumipat sa GMA7.
Halili - Kho - Belo
(Scandal Revival)
Muling nabubuhay ang eskandalong kinasasangkutan ni Dr. hayden Kho, Starlet Katrina Halili at Dra. Vicki Belo. Halos ilang taon na ang lumipas at halos nabura na rin siguro sa lahat ng cellphone ang ma eskandalong video ni Hayden at Katrina. Makikita sa Video kung paano binaboy este kinabayo ni Hayden si Katrina. Ang Video ay ebidensya ng pagtataksil ni Hayden sa Girlfriend na si Belo at Ang pagtataksil ng alaga ni Belo na si Katrina. Ngayon muling nabubuhay ito dahil patuloy na dinidinig ang kaso nila at ngayon balitang nagkabalikan na si Kho at Belo.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...NoW Na......

Naks! Ang lakas ko pala! Kaya ko palang manipulahin ang sarili ko! mag iisang linggo ng no smoking ako! Sana tuloy tuloy na ito! akala ko nga makakamura ako dahil di na ako nag yoyosi! parang naiba yata! Mas mahal pala ang Orbit Candy ng Mini stop compare sa marlboro lighyts, tapos lagi pa akong napapabili ng coke nila! coke yata ang pinalit ko sa yosi! Pero okay na rin to atlist quit smoking na ako! (sandali lang ha ma check ko nga itong CP ko kung may mga bagong pasok na message) anak ng kabayo! 5 messages received! dalawa kay maam janize at tatlo kay nathan! yong kay Nathan tinatanong na ako kung kukunin ko ang super cute na cute na tutang binebenta nya sa akin! yung kay madz naman pinapaalam nya na sa bahay na sya! under time kasi sya dahil may swimming daw silang mag anak! kaya ako ang Nag OT ng bonggang bongga! alas dyiz na ang uwi ko na supposed to be ay alas syete! Ang masama pa, itong pwet ko parang inuubo na! na buti na lang walang amoy! At ang pinaka worst pinagpapawisan na ako ng malamig na parang gusto ko nang mag CR! Ang problema nga lang hindi ako sanay umebak sa opisina! namamahay tong ass ko or the right term is nangungubeta tong pwet ko! nabababoy na ang blog ko wala na akong maisulat eh! kaya stop na! at uuwi na ako after few minutes! Asus! nakalimutan ko naman ang pinapagawa sa akin ni sir Andre! Lagot naman ako nito mamyang gabi! haaaay! NEws Letter! News Letter! ang article na pinapagawa sa akin ni sir Andre...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

.....SiMuLa Ng PaGbAbAgO....

Finally.... After 5 days of being sick I got the chance again of writing on entry to my blog. Akalain mo yun? 5 days na pala akong nilalagnat! I don't even noticed that I'm sick coz I'm still working at night. I dont grab the opportunity of using my sick leave. Speaking of 5 days, its been 5 days that I quit smoking. Early this morning, I read an article about this and it encourage me to post an article than making a comment. Have you ask yourself lately why you smoke? ANd what is behind that? If I am being ask with this questions before I used to answer that I need it, I want it, I have extra money to buy cigarettes and to release my stress. Why we smoke? Whats behind this? only few of questions in our mind that's kinda hard to answer. Some questions we have ay alam natin ang sagot but still lingers in our mind dahil ayaw nating tanggapin ang sagot. NO OFFENSE! JUst an information to share since I quit smoking. So here it is:
  • One reason to quit smoking is that smoking tobacco endangers health and life. Smoking has been linked to more than 25 life-threatening diseases. It is, for example, a major contributor to heart attack, stroke, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and various cancers, especially lung cancer.
  • SMOKING is not for those who want to live a long and happy life. The probability that a long-term smoker will eventually be killed by tobacco is 1 in 2. The director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO) stated: "A cigarette is . . . a cleverly crafted product that delivers just the right amount of nicotine to keep its user addicted for life before killing the person."
  • Of course, a person may smoke for years before being stricken with one of these diseases. Meanwhile, smoking does not make a person more appealing to others. Advertising portrays smokers as glamorous and healthy. The reality is different. Smoking makes the breath stink and stains teeth and fingers a yellowish-brown. In men it contributes to impotence. It causes smoker's cough and shortness of breath. Smokers are also more likely to experience premature facial wrinkling and other skin problems.
Hooked in a very young age
A study in the United States showed that 1 in 4 young people who tried cigarettes eventually became addicted. This was similar to the addiction rate of those who experimented with cocaine and heroin. Though about 70 percent of adolescent smokers regret having started, few are able to quit.

What Is in Cigarette Smoke?
Cigarette smoke contains tar, consisting of over 4,000 chemicals. Of these chemicals, 43 are known to cause cancer. Among them are cyanide, benzene, wood alcohol, and acetylene (a fuel used in torches). Cigarette smoke also contains nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, both poisonous gases. Its main active ingredient is nicotine, a highly addictive drug.

And sa mga ultimate smokers sa office! Janice, Vince, Xtian, LJ, Ma'am Irene and Ma'am Levz Goodluck! Hay! Finally! I can totally say that I QUIT SMOKING.....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

......NoYnOy LeAdS 2o1o eLeCtiOn......

As of May 11, 2010 09:30 in the morning
No final result yet but this is for sure Noynoy Aquino is the next President of the Philippines.

For vice-president Binay leads more than 800,000 votes to Roxas.
but its not final yet, I'm still hoping that Roxas will beat Binay.

For the Senate posts, actor Bong Revilla got the number one rank, Co-actor Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada is at second place, Senator Miriam Defensor at third place, Frank Drilon at fourth, incumbent Senate president Juan Ponce Enrile rank number five, Senator Pia Cayetano is on number six, and Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is number seven.

Ralph Recto enters the magic 12 with in number eight, Tito Sotto in number nineth, Serge Osmena rank number tenth, Lito Lapid in number eleven, and TG Guingona III is number twelve.

Risa Hontiveros hangs at 13th place, Ruffy Biazon follows in 14th, and Joey De Venecia 15th.

This is not the official result yet...

Monday, May 10, 2010

.....TwEnTy TeN eLeCtiOn.....

After my shift 7 o’clock in the morning, I went home early so that I could watch the HALALAN 2010 of ABS-CBN. And I’m so lucky that on the bus I choose to ride it goes with television and the channel is set in ABS-CBN. I was able to catch the presidential candidate who cast their votes.

Nicanor Perlas in Pasig City
While I’m on the bus I was able to see Mr. Nicanor Perlas casting his vote. Seven o’clock early in the morning in University of Asia and the Pacific in Pasig City.

Eddie Villanueva in Bulacan
At 7:30 in the morning Brother Eddie Villanueva arrived in his voting precinct in Bunlo Elementary School in Bocaue, Bulacan.

JC Delos Reyes in Zambales
Councilor JC Delos Reyes cast his vote at 8:30 in the morning in Nellie Brown Elementary School in West Bahac-Bahac, Olongapo City, Zambales.

Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro in Tarlac
At around 8:35 o’clock in the morning I arrived home and I when turn on the TV, I was able to see the Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and he just arrived in his voting precinct in Mayantoc, Tarlac.

Noynoy Aquino in Tarlac City

The senator and presidential bet of Liberal Party arrived in his voting precinct in Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac City at around 9 o’clock in the morning. But he failed to vote on the time he arrived coz the failure of PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machine.

Richard Gordon in Olongapo
Past 10 o’clock in the morning when the Bagumbayan bet Richard Gordon in Olongapo shed his votes.

Manny Villar in Las Pinas City
At around 10:30 in the morning senator Manny Villar already shed his votes in STI in Talon Dos, Las Piñas City.

Erap in San Juan City
Former President Joseph "Erap" Estrada of PMP votes at around 11:45 in the morning in Pedro Cruz Elementary School in San Juan City.

Jamby Madrigal in Quezon City
Independent candidate Jamby Madrigal votes at 2 o’clock in the afternoon in Quezon City.

Other Candidates and TV Personalities

Gloria in Pampanga
One of the prominent personalities who cast their votes early in the morning is President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. She is one of the early bird voters in her precinct in Lubao Elementary School in Pampanga. Anyway, she is running for Congressman in 2nd district of Pampanga.

Edu in Iloilo
The vice-presidential candidate of Lakas-Kampi-CMD Edu Manzano arrived in his voting precinct before seven in the morning. He votes in his place Polopina Island, Iloilo.

Pacquiao in Sarangani
He runs for congress in Saranggani Province, He cast his votes early in the morning with his wife Jinkee.

Roxas in Roxas
In Roxas City Capiz the vice-presidential candidate of Liberal Party (LP) senator Mar Roxas cast his votes at around 8 o’clock in the morning. He arrived with his wife Korina Sanchez, son Paolo and mother Mrs. Judy Araneta.

Kris in Makati
The Queen of all Media Kris Aquino or the sister of LP presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino vote early in the morning in Urdaneta Village in Makati City. With her husband a basketball player James Yap. In three minutes Kris and James finished their votes coz they find it easy in using the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machine.

Loren in Malabon
The vice-presidential candidate of Nacionalista Party senator Loren Legarda votes in Potrero Elementary School in Malabon.

Binay in Makati
In San Antonio National High School the vice-presidential candidate of Puwersa ng Masa Mayor Jejomar Binay shed his votes. With his son Jun-jun Binay, who runs as mayor in Makati.

Ate Vi and Ralph in Lipa
At around 10:30 a.m. the couple Ralph Recto and star of all season Vilma Santos arrives on their voting precinct in Lipa, Batangas. They are both running for 2010 election; Mr. Ralph Recto as senator under Noynoy aquino party and Vilma for Governor in Batangas.

Now its 4:30 in the afternoon and im tired of monitoring other popular voters. I dont have sleep yet and I need to get back to work at 10 in the evening. I'm looking forward for the result of this May 10 election. Right now, in ABS-CBN HALALAN the news is all about bloodshed or crimes connecting to election. Its always present the election violence.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

....ArE yOu VoTiNg ToMoRrOw?.....

Are you voting tomorrow for National Elections 10th of May 2010? If yes, Take this as a sort of advised, Always remember that you need to vote for ONE President, ONE Vice President, TWELVE Senators, and ONE Party List. I need to post this on my blog because I'm just being concern with our country. I cant vote for tomorrows election, since I am a registered voter in Iloilo and I'm currently here in Manila. Tinawag pa akong Pinoy na di naman pala ako boboto at di makiki-alam sa Election! I post the list of the Presidential candidates, Vice Presidential Candidates and Senatorial Candidates. It will help my readers on searching for the bibliography of each Candidate. And by this they can choose for who they think is the best for the position. In this way I can be a Filipino who gave concern to my country. Below is the official list of candidates for the positions of President, Vice President and Senators. Get to know them one-by-one through research and media, and make sure you vote for the person and political party list you think can make a huge impact to our country.


  1. Councilor JC De Los Reyes (Ang Kapatiran)
  2. Senator Manny Villar (Nacionalista Party)
  3. Former President Joseph Ejercito "Erap" Estrada (UNO-PMP)
  4. Brother Eddie Villanueva (Bangon Pilipinas)
  5. Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III (Liberal Party)
  6. Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon (Bagumbayan)
  7. Defense Secretary Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
  8. Senator Jamby Madrigal (Independent)
  9. Nicanor Perlas (Independent)
  10. Vetallano Acosta Jesus - recently added; not in picture

  1. Dominador Chipeco Jr. (Ang Kapatiran)
  2. Exchange Commission Chief Perfecto Yasay (Bangon Pilipinas)
  3. Broadcaster Jay Sonza (KBL)
  4. Senator Loren Legarda (Nacionalista Party)
  5. Mayor Jejomar Binay (UNO-PMP)
  6. MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando (Bagumbayan)
  7. Senator Mar Roxas (Liberal Party)
  8. Edu Manzano (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
Senatorial Candidates
  1. Henry Caunan (PDP-Laban)
  2. Gwendolyn Pimentel (PDP Laban)
  3. Miriam Defensor Santiago (People’s Reform Party)
  4. Ramon Guico (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
  5. Silvestre Bello III (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
  6. Bong Revilla (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
  7. Raul Lambino (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
  8. Rey Langit (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
  9. Lito Lapid (Lakas-Kampi-CMD)
  10. Satur Ocampo (Bayan Muna Party)
  11. Sergio Osmeña III (Independent)
  12. Liza Maza (Independent)
  13. Jovito Palparan Jr. (Independent)
  14. Rodolfo Plaza (NPC)
  15. Vicente Sotto III (NPC)
  16. Adel Tamano (Nacionalista Party)
  17. Gilbert Remulla (Nacionalista Party)
  18. Susan Ople (Nacionalista Party)
  19. Ramon Mitra (Nacionalista Party)
  20. Ariel Querubin (Nacionalista Party)
  21. Pia Cayetano (Nacionalista Party)
  22. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. (Nacionalista Party)
  23. Reginald Tamayo (Ang Kapatiran)
  24. Hector Tarrazona (Ang Kapatiran)
  25. Adrian Sison (Ang Kapatiran)
  26. Zosimo Paredes (Ang Kapatiran)
  27. Ma. Gracia Riñoza-Plazo (Ang Kapatiran)
  28. Manuel Valdehuesa Jr. (Ang Kapatiran)
  29. Jo Aurea Imbong (Ang Kapatiran)
  30. Rizalito David (Ang Kapatiran)
  31. Francisco Tatad (Grand Alliance For Democracy/Gabaybayan)
  32. Hector Villanueva (KBL)
  33. Ma Judea Millora (KBL)
  34. Alma Lood (KBL)
  35. Sharuff Ibrahim Albani (KBL)
  36. Imelda Papin (KBL)
  37. Regalado Maambong (KBL)
  38. Nereus Acosta Jr. (Liberal Party)
  39. Yasmin Lao (Liberal Party)
  40. Martin Bautista (Liberal Party)
  41. Franklin Drilon (Liberal Party)
  42. Rozzano Rufino Biazon (Liberal Party)
  43. Sonia Roco (Liberal Party)
  44. Teofisto Guingona III (Liberal Party)
  45. Ana Theresia Baraquel (Liberal Party)
  46. Ralph Recto (Liberal Party)
  47. Alexander Lacson (Liberal Party)
  48. Kata Inocencio (Bangon Pilipinas)
  49. Zafrullah Alonto (Bangon Pilipinas)
  50. Israel Virgines (Bangon Pilipinas)
  51. Reynaldo Princesa (Bangon Pilipinas)
  52. Ramoncito Ocampo (Bangon Pilipinas)
  53. Alexander Tinsay (Bangon Pilipinas)
  54. JV Larion Bautista (PMP)
  55. Joey De Venecia (PMP)
  56. Jinggoy Estrada (PMP)
  57. Juan Ponce Enrile (PMP)
  58. Apolinario Lozada (PMP)
  59. Danilo Lim - Newly Added
  60. Nannete Espinosa - Newly Added
  61. Adz Nikabulin - Newly Added
  62. Emilio Osmena -Newly Added
Again and again! Get to know them one-by-one through research and media, and make sure you vote for the person and political party list you think can make a huge impact to our country.

.....A dAy BeFoRe ELeCtiOn....

isang tulog na lang! Eleksiyon na! sa wakas matatapos na lahat ng kaplastikan na commercial add sa TV! Bago naman ang ating presidente! sana hindi na pumalpak ang mga automated voting machines! Sana magiging totoo ang maging resulta ng election. Sana walang mangyayaring gulo. At sa mga tumatakbong politikona hindi papalarin, sana tanggapin na maluwag sa kalooban ang magiging hatol ng bayan! sabi ko nga election is one way of people power. Dahil sa election nabibigyan ng karapatan ang bawat tao na pumili ng kanilang presidente.
Election 2010, sobrang kakaiba talaga ito. malaki ang pinagkaiba sa mga nagdaang election.
  • Ito ang pinakaunang election na gagamitan ng automated voting machines, Ito ba ay isang hudyat na umaangat na ang pilipinas dahil makabago na ang paraan ng ating pagboto? O magiging kahihiyan nanaman sa ibang bansa dahil sa disaster na idudulot nito sa election?
  • Magkakaibigan at magkakamag anak ang naglalaban-laban ngayon sa National election, Noynoy Aquino at pinsan niyang si Gibo teodoro, Gordon at ang pamangkin niyang si JC delos Reyes, Manny Villar na sinusuportahan ni Dolphy na kaibigan ni Erap, Brother Eddie at Jamby na parehong nagdadasal para sa tahimik na election. At kung sino sino pa!
  • At eto pa! Dito lang talaga to sa Pinas! Presidente ngayon after election Congresswoman na sa Pampangga!, Boxing Icon Lumipat ng bahay sa Saranggani para tumakbong Congressman!,
  • Dito naman sa Baclaran, Baclaran lang to ha! nagkalat an g mga artistang tumatakbo! Rossele Nava Councilor, Alma Moreno Councilor, Dino Guevara Ross Councilor, Webb councilor, Anjo Yllana Vica Mayor Kalaban ang Partido ni Joey Marquez Mayor.
Hay naku! anu pa man ang Mangyari piliin natin yung mga taong nararapat sa posisyon! Sa atin nakasalalay ang pagkapanalo ng mga kandidato ngayon, Yan ay kung walang dayaang mangyayari! Ay! sa inyo lang pala. Di pala ako boboto dahil di naman ako pwedeng umuwi ng ILoilo para bumoto. NAsa kamay ninyong mga botante nakasalalay ang pag angat ng ating bansa. Since di naman ako makakaboto bukas, Tudo kumpanya ako kanina sa opisina bago ako umuwi. Ewan ko ba wala naman akong sahud para ikampanya si Reesa Hontiveros pero pinangangalandakan ko kanina sa mga ka opisina ko na dapat siyang iboto sa pagka senador! Dito ko na lang ihahayag sa blog ko ang mga dapat ko sanang iboto!

Noynoy Aquino (Liberal Party)

Mar Roxas (Liberal Party)

Ana Theresia Baraquel (Liberal Party)
Miriam Defensor Santiago (People’s Reform Party)
Rozzano Rufino Biazon (Liberal Party)
Franklin Drilon (Liberal Party)
Teofisto Guingona III (Liberal Party)
Juan Ponce Enrile (PMP)
Joey De Venecia (PMP)
Alexander Lacson (Liberal Party)
Nereus Acosta Jr. (Liberal Party)
Kata Inocencio (Bangon Pilipinas)
Sonia Roco (Liberal Party)
Francisco Tatad (Grand Alliance For Democracy/Gabaybayan)

Kung makakaboto lang sana ako! Sila ang nasa listahan ko!
Good Luck!

....HaPpY mOtHeRs DaY....

Today I take time to write a entry for my Mother.

I'll take my time to say thank you to her.
I know its possible for her to read this because not all the time she read my blog.
She rather choose to play games on her lap top than reading my blog.
(O di ba sosyal nanay ko nag dodota, buti pa xa alam nya ako wala akong alam dyan!).
I just want to tell her how much she touched my life.
She is a thoughtful mother to me and my brother.
She shown me the love and made my life meaningful.
She gave me strength and encouragement in dealing with the tides and storms of life... Nanay...
Happy mothers Day!
I miss you
I love you so much!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

....WoRsT cLiEnT mEeT WoRsT aGeNt.....

Marami na akong napanood na prank call, Syempre interesting to sa akin dahil ako ay isang call center agent. Tanggapin natin, ganito talaga ang tripping na ibang mga Amerikano. Hindi naman lahat pero most of them. They make fun of the customer service representatives. They don't even think na maaaring mawalan ng trabaho ang isang tao dahil sa kagaguhan na trip nila! Dont get me wrong but take this as a sort of advised.

To Mr. Edwards.....
Its not offensive, everybody understood what the CSR was asking. Yes, this is a prank but you don't need to show up the stupidity of some american.
I am a call center agent, and because of assholes like this we get fucked up with our numbers and our salary. So why don't you get yourself a life and stop calling people just to ruin their day and ruin their salary.. hope someone do the same shit to you someday.

To the CSR Lady....
Sana inayos mo na lang english mo para maintindihan ka. Sabihin na natin na kahit pamangkin kong 5 yaers old maintindihan ka, Pero parang may mali din sayo eh! "dont do that to your phone"? is that proper? Malamang katakot takot na pag bagsak abutin mo sa Q.A mo! Goodluck sa iyo!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

.....oPiNyOn LaNg Po.....

The 2010 General Elections of the Philippines are scheduled to be held on May 10, in which a new president, vice president, 12 senators, 287 members of the House of Representatives as well as some 17,000 local officials will be elected by some 50 million voters.
As the upcoming elections will bring major changes to official posts throughout this southeast Asian country, the 2010 General Elections are attracting attention from both inside the Philippines and the international community.
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May 10 na pala ang election and that is 5 days from now, I consider election as the People Power. Freedom to vote! Karapatan ng bawat taong bomoto at ayaw ko ng mag comment dito. Advised na lang! Just vote for the person who you think is the best for the Position. Teka lang! Ready na nga ba ang Pinas sa automated election? Panahon na nga ba ito ng pagbabago? O panibagong disaster sa Pilipinas? Good Luck Juan Dela Cruz!

Kris Aquino to Manny Paqiuao
This is all about Manny Pacquiao's statement on the latest TV campaign ad for presidential candidate Manny Villar. The Pinoy boxing champ was quoted as saying, "Mayroong iba diyan, laban nang laban sa salita pero wala pa namang nagawa." and Kris stated, "​I saw endorsement tvc of Pinoy sports icon saying words to the effect na laban ng laban wala naman napatunayan. In politics, Noy has won 3 straight terms sa Congress & won almost 15 million votes sa Senatorial in 2007. How sad na he didn't think na in politics–knock out nga sya. In politics si Noy ang may napatunayan because Noy has never lost an election! Ika nga, undefeated ang record nya!"

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Heto nanaman tayo! Laging bilog ang mundo! Kaylan nga ba naging kwadrado ang earth? Hindi bat magkaibigan si Jinkee Paquiao at Ms. Kris Aquino? Bat nagkaganito? Ang sakit kasi pakinggan ang statement ng Boxing Icon and i'm sure the statement is against Noynoy. Script lang kaya ang binigay kay Manny Paqiuao para basahin or sariling opinyon nya ito? Maayos din ito, masyadong maliit ang showbiz industry para kay Kris at Manny.

The Next Vice President
Jejomar Binay finished his elementary education at the Philippine Normal College and preparatory high school at the University of the Philippines. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree major in Political Science and subsequently a Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of the Philippines (UP). He passed the bar exams in 1968, and took masteral subjects in public administration and law in UP and the University of Sto. Tomas, respectively. Senator Loren Legarda a Guest candidate for NP. She completed her primary and secondary schooling at the Assumption with honors. She obtained a degree in broadcast communication, cum laude, from the University of the Philippines, Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1974 and the Wharton School of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania in 1979. Before entering public service, MAR worked as an investment banker, mobilizing venture capital funds for Small and Medium Enterprises.
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Sino nga ba sa kanila? Parang tatlo lang yata sila ang malalakas na nagsasalpukan ngayon. For Binay Magaling to! Kaso wrong timing lang sya parang hindi para sa kanya ang vice president this election. Loren the crying lady sa impeachment trial, Tanggap kaya nya na hindi sya ang vice ni willie revillame? At ang pinaka mahigpit pa niyang kalaban ang gusto ni willie si Mar Roxas. Yesterday sa Wowowee, Willie says that the perfect combination is orange and blue! refering for his shirt (orange) and Wrist watch (blue). Meaningful di ba?

Voting Machines Fail
Now, it can be told officially. The tests produced weird results. This sent embarrassed officials of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and its partner, Smartmatic-TIM, scrambling to save the historic computerized balloting on May 10 by recalling 76,000 compact flash (CF) cards that are in the heart of the counting machines. “We didn’t expect this to come out, but we are responding on time,” Cesar Flores, spokesperson for Smartmatic-TIM, at a nationally televised news conference said. Flores blamed the glitches, which first surfaced in two precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines last month at the start of advance overseas voting in Hong Kong, on “human error.”
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5 days na lang! Marami pang kapalpakan! Anu ba naman yan! Punong-puno ng kapalpakan! Totoo kaya ang magiging election result after May 10? Isa nga ba itong makasaysayang election? Dahil sa makabagong paraan ng pagboto o makasaysayan dahil sa disaster na idudulot nito sa Pilipinas? Uulitin ko po! Good Luck Juan Dela Cruz!

Iglesia ni Cristo names 12 senatorial bets The influential Iglesia Ni Cristo on Wednesday named the 12 senatorial bets it is supporting. They are: Ruffy Biazon, Frank Drilon, Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Pia Cayetano, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Tito Sotto III, Teofisto Guingona III, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., Ralph Recto, Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, and Juan Ponce-Enrile. INC has an estimated five to eight million members who traditionally vote as a bloc. Check for more news!
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Ruffy Biazon, Frank Drilon, Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Teofisto Guingona III and Juan Ponce-Enrile. 5 of them is on my list for senators! the rest sorry! Senate is not complete without Meriam Defensor Santiago. What ever they say against her, I dont care! Basta for me she is the best! Sana manalo ang limang ito! Ang senate kasi parang big brother house lang yan. Boaring ang senate pag walang mga interesting na senators. Like my choice...